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Hey, I’m Josh Duncan, a former controls engineer that found a passion in data science and statistics. This blog is a platform for extending my data science education. I’m currently on a Bayesian modeling journey so you’ll likely see posts on learning bayes.


  • Data Science
  • Bayesian Statistics
  • Julia Programming Language
  • Time Series Analysis


  • MS in Analytics, 2017

    Louisiana State University

  • BSc in Electrical Engineering, 2014

    Louisiana State University

Recent Posts

Model building of golf putting with Turing.jl

Updates (May 2020): I originally wrote this Turing.jl version of the golf putting model in late 2019. Since then there have been many updates to the Turing.jl Julia package. I’ve updated this blog post to be aligned with the latest release (v0.

Market Demand with Instrumental Variables

Overview Skipper Seabold, a well known contributor to the PyData community, recently gave a talk titled “What’s the Science in Data Science?”. His talk presents several methods commonly used in econometrics that could benefit the field of data science if more widely adopted.

Kernel Density Estimation from Scratch

Motivation Why am I writing about KDE’s? At the recommendation of Will Kurt’s probability blog I’ve been reading a great book on data analysis by Philipp K. Janert: This book has a great intro to KDEs that explain the motivation.


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